Congratulations! You’ve taken your first pole fitness class! But you are probably realizing that your whole body is sore. So here are some tips we recommend to help you recover after a pole fitness class.

epsom salt and essential oils for bruisingThe first thing I recommend is to go home and soak in a warm epsom salt bath. This is a nice relaxing reward after a challenging workout, but it also helps to relieve muscle tension, pain, and inflammation in joints.

You can even consider adding some essential oils to the epsom salt to enhance the healing and recovery to your muscle and skin tissue. My favorites are Aroma Siez and Deep Relief from Young Living Essential Oils.

But after a pole class, you’re not just dealing with sore muscles. You’ll likely experienced bruising too. Some essential oils I use to recover from bruising include: Arnica, Helichrysum, Cypress, Wintergreen, Peppermint, and Lavender.

You may also consider increasing your intake of amino acids and magnesium, Advocare’s Night Time Recovery supplement is one that I use and has really made an impact in reducing my recovery time.

How do you recover after a pole fitness class or challenging workout?